99Bitcoins Token Presale Smashes $1.5m for Crypto’s First Learn to Earn BRC-20 Token

  • May 22, 2024
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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 – Learn-to-Earn token 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) has raised $1.5 million from contributors to its presale as interest in its pioneering protocol grows.

99Bitcoins is one of the most well-known and earliest of the Bitcoin education sites and is a respected resource for all those who wish to find out more about bitcoin and crypto more broadly.

There are just five days to go before the token presale price increases from $0.00106 to $0.00107, so there’s no time to lose to catch the lowest bid.

As Bitcoin hovers around the $70,000 mark a renewed push to all-time highs above $74,00,000 is on the cards, and that will keep 99Bitcoins’ presale firmly in the spotlight.

Ethereum ETF approval will further drive up interest in crypto and 99Bitcoins token

Bitcoin has entered the financial mainstream following the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which provide a regulated, cheap and easy entry point for investing in the preeminent digital asset.

Since then, the possibility that an Ethereum ETF could be next up for approval has led to a resurgence in crypto prices, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way.

This is all good news for top crypto education and information sites like 99Bitcoins.

Bloomberg Intelligence analysts have changed the probability of an Ethereum ETF being approved from 10% to 75%, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked providers to expedite submission of paperwork (19-b4s forms to be precise) that are seen as a precursor to an approval.

Tomorrow, 23 May, the first provider to have its Ethereum ETF up for consideration by the SEC is VanEck Ethereum ETF.

Although it is not certain that positive news will emerge tomorrow, all the signs are pointing to an approval, albeit the exact date may be several weeks away.

The SEC is thought to be likely to approve all the submitted ETFs at the same time, as it did with the Bitcoin ETFs, in order to not give any one provider an advantage over its competitors.

There are a total of 10 Ethereum ETFs seeking approval or conversion in the case of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust.

#Ethereum resurrected!

After a period of weak performance, $ETH exploded last night, jumping over 10% to $3.6K! @crypto ups odds of spot #ETF approval from 25% to 75%!

#ETH #Crypto #BullRun pic.twitter.com/ijMvUUuL35

— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) May 21, 2024

This news flow combined with the bitcoin halving event that typically ushers in a bullish pricing environment for crypto, means the 99Bitcoins presale is set to rocket.

Helping $99BTC to stand out from the crowd is its strong protocol fundamentals, connected as it is to the mounting interest in the crypto space.

99Bitcoins ($99BTC) is presenting to the market a revamped educational platform that monetizes education with a Learn-to-Earn rewards model that is uniquely well-positioned for success.

There’s no telling how much value can be placed on trust, and 99Bitcoins has that enviable commodity by the bucket load.

It means the platform will be able to capture a significant chunk of new entrants to the crypto space looking for best-in-class educational resources they can rely on.

99Bitcoins’ early emphasis on the visual learner through its YouTube channel will also stand it in good stead with crypto beginners, where its new visual courses are sure to be a hit.

No business or website can rest on its laurels, but where 99Bitcoins is concerned, its pedigree heritage platform gives it a competitive advantage as an educator and resource provider.

Its YouTube channel has 700,000 subscribers and the crypto courses already have more than two million registered users.

This is how 99Bitcoins’ token works to incentivize learning

99Bitcoins combines gamification with a leaderboard reward system to incentivize users to keep learning. The concept is simplicity itself: users earn crypto while learning about crypto.

Interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials are all designed with gamification in mind.

User progression is reinforced through the unlocking of more courses, which means more opportunities to earn rewards – at the core of the system is the $99BTC token to make learning engaging, enjoyable and profitable for all users.

The emphasis on multimedia taps into the reality that people find it easier and less daunting to learn when they have audio and visual aids, instead of being expected to wade through a textbook.

Building on its current offering, the courses will cover everything from the ins and outs of blockchains to crypto wallet basics, how-to guides all the way through to trading signals, strategies, and high-end technical knowledge.

$99BTC token has a lot going for it in the utility stakes, which is why some crypto experts think it could be a top bet for the next 10x crypto:

Where it all began for 99Bitcoins… and where it is headed with BRC20 tokens

The roots of 99Bitcoins go back to 2013, two years before Ethereum even existed and around the same time Bitcoin achieved some mainstream awareness.

Always an evangelist for financial freedom and an eye for getting people into the space, 99Bitcoins began life as BitcoinWithPayPal.com.

The website said what it does on the tin.

But including another company in the brand name didn’t go down too well with PayPal, so the 99Bitcoins brand was born.

Being a trailblazer remains in the DNA of the website, which is why it is now pivoting to Web3 with its groundbreaking Learn-to-Earn ecosystem.

Although $99BTC initially launches as an ERC-20 token, it will transition to BRC-20, the new Bitcoin Ordinals standard.

Ordinals use spare ‘inscriptions’ space provided in the Bitcoin protocol to store the code for fungible tokens. The innovation first began as a way to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Among the new projects being built on the Bitcoin blockchain are the ORDI and SATS tokens, up 6.7% and 9% respectively over the past seven days.

Therefore, 99Bitcoins is launching at an opportune time, as judged by the current market sentiment and the targeting of the expected continued growth in this exciting new area of Bitcoin development.

The market value (market capitalization) of BRC-20 tokens is today a little shy of a whopping $2 billion.

99Bitcoins is giving away $99,999 in BTC to early presale buyers

In addition to the presale opportunity, 99Bitcoins is also running a $99,999 airdrop of Bitcoin (BTC). This will be exclusively for early supporters who follow the instructions on the presale section of the official website.

In the $9,999 giveaway the project is rewarding 99 participants from a total giveaway pot of $99,999 worth of Bitcoin. Eligibility is secured by following, retweeting, or signing up on the website.

99Bitcoins is continuing its legacy of making Bitcoin and crypto work for ordinary people.

Through education, helpful resources and now an incentivized Web3 learning platform, 99Bitcoins will help newbies onboard and grow their experience in the crypto world, and earn rewards while they are doing so – that’s a killer combo as crypto goes mainstream.

Visit the presale website at presale.99bitcoins.com (beware of imitators). 

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