Bitcoin Breaks Through $70,000: Bull Market or Peak?

  • May 21, 2024
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Bitcoin Breaks Through $70,000: Bull Market or Peak?

Quick Look:

Bitcoin Surges Past $70,000: Driven by spot buying and BTC ETF purchases, Bitcoin’s price exceeds $70,000, sparking debate on the bull market vs peak.
On-Chain Indicators: Analyst ELI5 of TLDR suggests most indicators point to a nascent bull market, with a critical bounce at $60,000 rekindling investor interest.
Economic Context: Bitcoin’s 51% year-to-date gain aligns with rising U.S. monetary expansion, with the M2 monetary base surpassing $21 trillion.

Bitcoin‘s price has surged past the $70,000 mark, a threshold that has captivated the attention of investors and analysts alike. This milestone, driven by a significant uptick in spot buying and spot BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF) purchases, has led the cryptocurrency community to debate whether we are witnessing the beginning of a prolonged bull market or approaching a market peak.

On-Chain Indicators and Market Sentiment

Renowned analyst, “ELI5 of TLDR”, has weighed in on the situation, indicating that most on-chain indicators suggest a nascent bull market. Despite some metrics showing signs of topping patterns, the overall sentiment remains bullish. The recent price support bounce near $60,000 has reignited investor interest. Farside Investors reported an influx of approximately $950 million last week, a level of investment inflow not seen since March. Should this trend persist, Bitcoin’s price could surpass even the most optimistic projections.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading just shy of $70,000, with the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) positioned at $64,371. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) remains positive, suggesting a greater likelihood of an upward breakout. Overcoming the $68,000 resistance level is a pivotal step that could propel Bitcoin’s price towards $73,777. However, analysts caution that reaching this target may trigger a significant bearish response, possibly leading to a price correction.

Bitcoin Gains 51% YTD as M2 Money Supply Hits $21T

Bitcoin’s impressive 51% year-to-date gain reflects growing investor anticipation of U.S. monetary expansion. The M2 monetary base, which includes cash, checking deposits, and easily convertible near money, has surged past $21.0 trillion as of April 2024. This increase in the money supply is significant. Typically, such an increase boosts the appeal of alternative assets like Bitcoin. These assets are often seen as hedges against inflation and currency devaluation.

Further fuelling bullish sentiment is the dramatic decline in Bitcoin reserves on major exchanges. Only 1,918,417 BTC were available on trading platforms as of May 19, marking a seven-year low. This reduction in available Bitcoin for trading signifies strong investor confidence and long-term holding behaviour, as more investors choose to store their Bitcoin in private wallets rather than keeping them on exchanges.

Future Prospects and Market Dynamics

The current market dynamics suggest a complex interplay of factors influencing Bitcoin’s price trajectory. The decrease in exchange reserves points to a tightening supply, which could increase prices if demand continues to rise. Additionally, the influx of capital from institutional investors, as evidenced by the recent $950 million inflow. It underscores a robust interest in Bitcoin as a long-term investment.

As Bitcoin hovers near the $70,000 mark, the next few weeks will be critical in determining its future direction. If the price breaks and sustains above the $68,000 resistance level, it could set the stage for a run towards $73,777. However, investors should remain vigilant of potential bearish reactions at these higher price levels.

Bitcoin’s rally to $71,183 amid increased spot buying and ETF activity marks a significant milestone in its market journey. While the on-chain indicators and broader economic context suggest the beginnings of a new bull market, the possibility of a market peak cannot be entirely dismissed. Investors should closely monitor market signals and trends to make informed decisions as Bitcoin navigates this exciting phase.

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