Crypto Experts Invest in New Solana Meme Coin as Crypto Markets Rally – Time to Buy?

  • May 20, 2024
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Crypto experts are flocking to invest funds in an exciting new Solana meme coin Sealana (SEAL) as the crypto market rally accelerates on Monday in wake of rising hopes for the SEC to approve spot Ethereum ETFs this week.

Ether (ETH) jumped 15% on Monday to the $3,500s as analysts at Bloomberg upped their expectations for ETF approval.

Update: @JSeyff and I are increasing our odds of spot Ether ETF approval to 75% (up from 25%), hearing chatter this afternoon that SEC could be doing a 180 on this (increasingly political issue), so now everyone scrambling (like us everyone else assumed they’d be denied). See…

— Eric Balchunas (@EricBalchunas) May 20, 2024

Prior to today, almost no one expected spot Ethereum ETFs to gain approval this week.

If approval does come, expect a surge in risk-taking activity across crypto markets.

Major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ether and Solana could retest yearly highs and meme coins could pop.

But rather than jumping into already well-established meme coins, crypto experts are hunting for smaller, newer gems that might 100x.

An exciting new Solana meme coin called Sealana (SEAL) has been making a splash, and could be a great bet.

New Solana Meme Coin Sealana (SEAL) – Best Meme Coin Presale Right Now?

South Park-themed Seal cartoon character Sealana has been making waves in meme coin trading circles since launching its presale.

#Sealana, making #Memecoins great again!

1⃣ No Frogs
2⃣ Less Hats
3⃣ Many Whales
4⃣ Zero Rugs
5⃣ More $SEAL

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 7, 2024

The fun new Solana meme coin features an overweight, Solana meme coin trading degen seal called Sealana.

The lovable seal has already been able to attract more than $2.1 million in funds from avid investors.

That’s no surprise when you look at the great engagement Sealana has been getting on socials.

Sealana’s marketing team are great at keeping X users entertained with regular whitty and relevant posts.

#Sealana and his closest bros are stormin’ the Capitol to defend all #Crypto patriots, Sealana and his $SEAL troops are fightin’ for our right to Lambos , Gains , and FREEDOM!!
Stand with Sealana! Join the #Presale, and restore the former glory of #Memecoins!

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 20, 2024

Sealana has already garnered close to 5,000 X followers, as well as close to 5,000 on Telegram.

Sealana’s savvy marketing and presale success is reminiscent of the recently launched Solana meme coin Slothana (SLOTH).

Slothana raised over $15 million in presale but has since pumped to a $80 million market cap, as per DEXTools.

There are rumors that the teams behind Sealana and Slothana teams are in some way related.

And early demand/hype suggests Sealana could be about to follow Slothana’s footsteps.

Meme coin traders bet get moving quick. The Sealana presale could sell out quick.

And if it can Sealana can quickly 5x like Slothana, it could be the best meme coin presale right now.

Even an honourable discharge won’t stop #Sealana from spreading FREEDOM with his fellow special forces $SEALs
Putting his battlefield days behind him, Sealana and his comrades are now taking on a different enemy: keyboard warriors and #Memecoin haters.
He didn’t serve…

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 15, 2024

Investors can bag their SEAL by connecting their web3 wallet on Sealana’s official website with SOL, ETH, USDT or USDC.

Non-web3/crypto-savvy investors can also get involved, with Sealana also available for purchase via card.

Buy Sealana Here

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