Crypto Traders Stock Up on Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Ahead of June 6 Update Rumors – Will This AI Coin Surge Next?

  • May 30, 2024
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Crypto traders are snapping up Worldcoin ($WLD) amid circulating rumors on X that an update to ChatGPT is expected to be released on June 6.

Everything hints to June 6th

— Chubby (@kimmonismus) May 29, 2024

Worldcoin was launched by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the company responsible for ChatGPT, a chatbot and virtual assistant widely credited as leading today’s AI boom.

The rumors first surfaced in the middle of the week and remain unverified, but they’ve had a notably catalytic effect on WLD’s price, which is up 4.5% in the last 24 hours and 8.1% in the last week to trade at $5.12 as of this writing.

Worldcoin’s performance outpaces market leaders Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH), which are both down about 2% from this time last week.

Broadly speaking, Worldcoin’s support has been growing from $4 to $4.50 after the token tumbled from an all-time high of $11.74 on March 10.

The ATH was set in the midst of Bitcoin’s most recent rally, which also saw the world’s favorite cryptocurrency hit a new high watermark of $73,737.94, four days after Worldcoin.

Source: TradingView

Since then, Altman’s token has yet to sustain a price level above $6. The recent rumor-related buying has temporarily inflated the price, but with an RSI approaching 70, it will be hard to sustain the rally over the short-to-mid-term.

A buy-the-rumors-sell-the-news sentiment could mean further losses incoming after June 6, even if a ChatGPT update does materialize.

Sam Altman’s Controversial Mission to Bank The Unbanked

To this day, Worldcoin’s premise excites some and unnerves others. In the first place, to obtain $WLD one has to visit a biometric eyeball scanner called the ”Orb” and submit a snapshot of their eyeballs.

There are orbs in Berlin, Dubai, London, Mexico City, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seoul, and Tokyo.

The biometric data is then used alongside verification of government-issued ID to confirm a user’s personhood before distributing coins to them.

OpenAI says Worldcoin is building blockchain infrastructure to bank the world’s unbanked, enabling everyone “to broadly share the coming technological prosperity ” according to its website. “Privacy first. Owned by everyone.” reads the slogan.

But many are skeptical, including Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin who wrote a blog post listing his concerns of the protocol’s privacy, accessibility, centralization and security and said it could take years for it to work.

Lawmakers around the world are also monitoring the protocol, with press reports suggesting authorities in Mexico, Malaysia and Argentina have all aired similar concerns recently.

This year the project hit a new high back in January when it welcomed 16,000 Orb signups in a single day after surpassing the 5 million mark the preceding month.

Crypto Traders Snap Up Worldcoin Alongside AI Trading Bot Meme Coin WienerAI

Worldcoin has an intriguing premise but in its current form it may be off-putting for many investors.

However, one crypto project still in presale has taken in millions of dollars by significantly enhancing the meme coin concept with some AI intelligence, personality and money-making utility.

WienerAI looks like another doge-themed meme coin, but it’s much more.

Touted as a “Revolutionary AI Trading partner”, WienerAI ($WAI) is a digital companion that gives its owners user-friendly AI-enhanced trading advice, seamless swap functionality and zero fees.

Simply ask it a question relating to your trading needs, like “what’s the best data storage coin to invest in this week?” and watch it come up with a list of recommendations together with a breakdown of its logic.

3 Million raised!

As holder count grows, so does the anticipation for launch and the AI trading bot release!!

— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) May 26, 2024

This hard-earning good boy’s presale is only a month old, and he has already lapped up a tidy $3.5 million in investments.

Blockchain security platform Coinsult audited WienerAI’s smart contract.

Around 20% of $WAI’s supply is for staking.

WienerAI’s website offers buyers the ability to stake during the presale, in order to take advantage of the lucrative yield, which is currently 299% APY.

Stay on top of WienerAI news over on X and Telegram.

Join the presale now over on the WienerAI website.

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