Crypto Whales Accumulate New Solana Meme Coin Before it Lists on Exchanges – 1,000x Potential?

  • May 21, 2024
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Cryptocurrency whales are aggressively accumulating an exciting new Solana meme coin called Sealana (SEAL) ahead of anticipated major exchange launches, with some experts predicting this coin could have 1,000x potential.

As crypto markets pump on Ethereum ETF optimism, traders are hunting for the best high-beta plays to make quick gains.

BREAKING: Crypto markets have officially added $500 billion of market cap since May 1st.#Bitcoin is now up 22% this month and just 5% away from making a new all time high.

This comes as markets are expecting an Ethereum ETF approval.

Ethereum is now up 31% over the last week…

— The Kobeissi Letter (@KobeissiLetter) May 21, 2024

Sure, Solana (SOL) could soon retest March highs above $210 in wake of its recent breakout above $160 resistance.

As Solana threatens a retest of yearly highs, traders are hunting for new Solana meme coins that might deliver fast gains. Source: TradingView

But higher beta Solana meme coins could post even better gains.

Traders may be tempted to turn to familiar names in the Solana ecosystem. Names like dogwifhat (WIF), or Bonk (BONK), or Slerf (SLERF).

These meme coins could do very well. But their already large market caps limit upside potential to maybe 10x at the most.

Traders hunting larger gains will need to find smaller, lesser-known, or newer meme coins.

It’s no surprise then that exciting new Solana meme coin Sealana (SEAL) has been making a splash.

Is Sealana (SEAL) The Best New Solana Meme Coin?

South Park-themed Seal cartoon character Sealana has been making waves in meme coin trading circles since launching its presale.

Even an honourable discharge won’t stop #Sealana from spreading FREEDOM with his fellow special forces $SEALs
Putting his battlefield days behind him, Sealana and his comrades are now taking on a different enemy: keyboard warriors and #Memecoin haters.
He didn’t serve…

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 15, 2024

The fun new Solana meme coin features an overweight, Solana meme coin trading degen seal called Sealana.

The lovable seal has already attracted over $2.2 million in funds from eager investors.

Notably, whales have been stacking SEAL. Solana wallet ABgFDD scooped up 27 SOL worth of SEAL around 10 hours ago (worth around $5,000), as per

Cvw2vR, meanwhile, bagged 20 SOL worth of SEAL around 18 hours ago, as per

Whale interest is no surprise given the strong engagement Sealana has been getting across socials.

Sealana has already garnered close to 5,000 X followers, as well as close to 5,000 on Telegram.

Sealana’s savvy marketing and presale success is reminiscent of the recently launched Solana meme coin Slothana (SLOTH).

#Sealana and his closest bros are stormin’ the Capitol to defend all #Crypto patriots, Sealana and his $SEAL troops are fightin’ for our right to Lambos , Gains , and FREEDOM!!
Stand with Sealana! Join the #Presale, and restore the former glory of #Memecoins!

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 20, 2024

Slothana raised over $15 million in presale but subsequently pumped to a market cap of over $100 million, as per DEXTools.

SLOTH also just launched on top 10 crypto exchange HTX. This could open the door to a new push higher in its price, as new retail investors flood in.

Amid rumors that the Slothana and Sealana teams are related, traders will be hoping SEAL matches SLOTH’s success.

#Sealana, making #Memecoins great again!

1⃣ No Frogs
2⃣ Less Hats
3⃣ Many Whales
4⃣ Zero Rugs
5⃣ More $SEAL

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) May 7, 2024

If Sealana can quickly secure exchange listings post-launch like SLOTH, it could easily be the best new Solana meme coin to buy right now.

Investors can bag their SEAL by connecting their web3 wallet on Sealana’s official website with SOL, ETH, USDT or USDC. Sealana is also available for purchase via card.

Buy Sealana Here

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