Ethereum Trends: From $2,800 Lows to Supply Changes

  • May 14, 2024
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Ethereum Trends: From $2,800 Lows to Supply Changes

Quick Look:

Ethereum shows signs of recovery with the potential to break past the $3,200 resistance level, indicating a possible bullish trend shift.
Volatility Insights: Recent fluctuations on the 4-hour chart highlight an upswing above $3,000, suggesting sustained buyer interest and trading opportunities.
Deflationary Transition: Post-Merge, Ethereum has a lower annual inflation rate of 0.4%. Upcoming projections estimate a net supply gain of 481,000 ETH in the next year.

The ETH/USD daily chart presents a challenging landscape for Ethereum, marked by a downtrend that saw the cryptocurrency’s price oscillate between highs around $3,600 and lows near $2,800. Despite this, recent trading sessions have illuminated some bullish signals. It is hinting at a potential reversal or, at the very least, a temporary respite from the downward trajectory. For traders, a critical juncture to monitor is a breakout above the $3,200 mark. Should Ethereum’s price surpass this threshold, it could indicate a potential shift in market sentiment towards bullish momentum. The movement will catalyse a change in trading strategies.

Volatility and Opportunities on the 4-Hour Chart

On the 4-hour chart, Ethereum’s price action is dissected further, revealing a period of consolidation that abruptly transitioned into a sharp drop, followed by a swift recovery. This recent volatility brings with it a cloud of uncertainty, yet the latest upswing may suggest the emergence of bullish momentum. Maintaining positions above the $3,000 level could be key for those looking to capitalise on these movements. Consistently holding above this price point signals sustained buyer interest, potentially offering lucrative opportunities for traders to enter long positions.

Ethereum’s Deflationary Shift and Supply Dynamics

Ethereum has evolved into a deflationary asset since transitioning from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake model in 2022. The current total circulating supply stands at 120,105,358 ETH, down by 415,680 ETH since before The Merge. The past 30 days have seen a dynamic shift in Ethereum’s supply, with 35,548.72 ETH being burned and 75,072.43 ETH issued as rewards to validators. This activity resulted in a net supply increase of 39,523.71 ETH. Despite this increase, Ethereum’s current annualized inflation rate sits at a modest 0.4%. It is significantly lower than Bitcoin’s 1.068% and Ethereum’s pre-merge rate of 3.74%. If the trends of the past month continue, it is projected that approximately 433,000 ETH will be burned in the coming year against 914,000 ETH issued, leading to a net gain of 481,000 ETH.

Data from OKLink further illustrates a decline in the rate of ETH burned since March, with daily averages dropping to the lowest levels since The Merge. This decrease suggests a stabilising effect in the aftermath of significant protocol changes, potentially influencing Ethereum’s economic landscape.

Ethereum’s price exhibits signs of a potential upward correction in the short term. However, the broader supply dynamics and economic shifts underscore a longer-term transformation in its market fundamentals. Traders and investors alike should closely watch these developments to navigate the volatile crypto market better.

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