Funny Crypto Names: The Funniest Coins in the Market

  • May 29, 2024
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Funny Crypto Names: The Funniest Coins in the Market

Key Takeaways:

Innovative Names: The crypto world is rich with uniquely named coins, emphasizing creativity and humor.

Strong Communities: Coins like Pepe the Frog demonstrate how catchy names can build substantial followings and market interest.

Challenging Markets: Even humorously named coins face market challenges and competition, impacting their viability.

Investment Decisions: Investors should balance the amusement factor with genuine financial potential when considering meme coins.

Did you know that, in the world of cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of funny crypto names and coins lately? The whole crypto community has been buzzing around some of the funniest coins you can find in the market. 

It’s no secret that many people actively involved in crypto-currencies seek alternative coins to invest in and deal with. 

Many have even switched to some fun coins because of the enthusiasm and hidden potential.

But what digital assets with funny names should every crypto lover know more about in the crypto world? And, ultimately, is investing in memecoins a smart decision nowadays or not?

Let’s find out the top funny crypto coin names in the market currently, shall we? 

Shaman King Inu (SHAMAN) Coin

Shaman King Inu coin is one of the top meme coins that have emerged in the market. It is established on the idea of popular shamans as Earth guardians. The whole idea of this token is that similar protectors can assist the dynamic crypto markets. 

According to today’s market volatility, having a “crypto shaman” might be what we seek as crypto enthusiasts. 

A buzz about a “shaman game” potentially boosting things further. With a huge supply of 50,000,000,000,000,000 SHAMAN tokens available, there’s more than enough for everyone to get involved.

Current price: $ 0.0₁₃7651
Market capitalization: $ 6.82
Total supply: 50,000T SHAMAN

Doge Gay Son (GOGE) Coin

Another interesting coin is the unique Doge Gay Son Coin, a.k.a “GOGE”. For those who love rainbows and authentic stuff, this coin might be one of the coolest in the crypto online community. 

Whatever your opinion about this particular coin is, it’s undeniable that their mascot is vibrant. 

There’s a belief that a Doge Gay Son is the “first LGBTQ+ token for everyone.” 

Nonetheless, if the creators are LGBTQ, we should acknowledge their decision to use a memorable name for this interesting digital currency.

Current price: 0.0000002848 USD.
Market cap: $2.57T. 0.57%
Total supply: /

Pepe the Frog (PEPE BNB) Coin

Pepe Coin is among the Ethereum network’s internet and deflationary meme coins. This funny crypto name was inspired by the Pepe the Frog meme. This meme coin grew significantly in 2023. It managed to attract a wide community of supporters.

As an ERC-20 token, PEPE leverages the benefits of the Ethereum network. It includes enhanced security via the famous Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Current price: $0.0…06156
Market cap: $25,854
Total supply: 420,000,000,000 PEPEBNB 

Harry Potter Obama SonicInu (BITCOIN) Coin

As you may have noticed, there’s a bizarre complexity of the coin’s Harry Potter Obama Sonic Inu (BITCOIN) name. Nonetheless, its name isn’t the biggest fantastic aspect of it. 

Believe it or not, that name makes a lot of sense for a cryptocurrency that actually “checks notes” and features a North Korean defector promoting the coin on its distinctly retro 1990s-style website.

Remember that the most puzzling feature is its ticker name, BITCOIN. It’s, without a doubt, a clear attempt at capitalizing on established brand recognition! 

Can the Harry Potter Obama Sonic Inu coin truly serve as a reliable digital store of value? North Korean defectors believe it is possible. 

Nonetheless, with a vast total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, it faces a significant uphill battle.

Current price: $0.2095
Market cap: $209,462,076
Total supply: 1 quadrillion BITCOIN coins

Cat in a dogs world (MEW) Coin

For cat lovers, here’s one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies you can find. Funny enough, the Cat in a Dogs world’s currency code is “MEW”, making it even funnier and more attractive to the Cat’s internet community. 

This particular cat-themed cryptocurrency has made a notable entrance into the market. According to its funny crypto name, it sets itself apart among the prevalent dog-themed tokens.

Even though the crypto scene is currently dominated by Shiba Inu Dog, Dogecoin Doge and other “dog names”, MEW provides a refreshing change. 

It does so by moving from the very common memecoin chaos to a more structured and impactful approach.

Current price: $ 0.004611 
Market cap:  USD 409.83M
Total supply: 88.89 Billion tokens

Mafia Doge (MDOGE) Coin

Among numerous funny crypto names, we also have a “criminal one”, of course. It’s known as the Mafia DogeCoin. If the volatile crypto markets have ever wronged you and you feel powerless, Mafia Doge (MDOGE) might be your solution. 

According to one quote, “Any particular threat to the Doge family or the crypto market itself will face retribution under the MafiaDoge banner.”

Those interested in investing in meme coins should know that Mafia Doge also features a “scammer detector”. This particular detector exists to protect against those who would betray my family. You don’t want to cross this canine, do you?

Current price: $0
Market cap: $23,849,596,187
Total supply: 1B MDOGE

Tweelon (TWEELON)

Each list of memecoins is complete with a digital currency that the famous Elon Musk inspires. 

Regrettably, other amusing tokens, such as Elonballs and Elon Sperm, have already collapsed. Thus, they can’t be included on this list, unfortunately.

However, Tweelon is still in the game (at least for the moment), and it boasts some pretty impressive artwork:

Current price: $0
Market cap: /
Total supply: 4B TWEELON

Cum Rocket ($CUMMIES) Coin

With a rather provocative name, CumRocket burst onto the scene in 2021. Thanks to amazing marketing strategies behind the Cum Rocket team, this meme coin managed to gain a market capitalization of approximately $5.1 million.

Surprisingly or not, this coin did well in the market. Some individuals assume that’s perhaps due to its bold sexual connotations. 

This provocative name evokes strong reactions. In addition, it makes the crypto community discuss values and unconventional marketing tactics in the dynamic crypto community and industry overall. 

Current price: $0.005265
Market cap: $468,075,335
Total supply: $5.1 million

Bottom line

In conclusion, the internet is filled with funny crypto names that exist to get your attention, in the first place and then to captivate you to invest in them with great enthusiasm. 

Some crypto also has great investing potential if you’re into investing and earning. On the other hand, if you’re investing in digital assets just for fun, these funny crypto names could be the best choice.

Find the one that makes you laugh the most and has great growth potential shortly! Good luck investing in these unique and amusing digital assets! 

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