Georgia vs Portugal: The Rise of Georgia’s Football Glory

  • June 27, 2024
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Georgia vs Portugal: The Rise of Georgia’s Football Glory

Few analysts and neutral football fans expected something like this to happen at the home ground of Schalke 04. The underdogs made history on June 26th, reaching their first major tournament knockout stage with a victory over Portugal at Euro 2024. 

It is hard to treat Georgia vs Portugal as an ordinary football match. Georgia played against Christiano Ronaldo and his teammates for the first time in EURO history. Several years ago, it was hard to imagine that Georgia would qualify for the EURO, let alone win a match against Portugal. 

How Did Georgia Win?

In order to secure a place in the knockout stage, Georgian players had to defeat Portugal, as a draw wasn’t an option.

Some people may say that Portugal lacked many key players or they had already won the group. Nonetheless, the Portuguese team wasn’t planning to lose a game against Georgia. 

According to FIFA rankings, there is a huge gap between Portugal and Georgia. However, none of the abovementioned factors stopped Georgian players from qualifying for the knockout stage. 

Napoli’s Khvicha Kvaratskhelia scored a goal in less than two minutes. Georges Mikautadze, who scored the match’s second goal, played a key role in the first goal for Georgia in the EURO. 

Kvaratskhelia set Serie A alight as Napoli won the league in 2022-23. However, he hasn’t hit the same heights since. Before yesterday’s game, Kvaradona, as many football fans call him, struggled to make an impact in Germany, but he stepped up to the task on Wednesday.

Portuguese players didn’t take long to gain control of the ball after the goal. Still, the Georgian players didn’t need to dominate the game; they just made the most of their chances.

Georges Mikautadze, who was raised in France and now plays for Metz, delivered from the spot when Georgians were handed a second-half penalty. Portugal’s Diogo Costa was unable to save his team. 

What Went Wrong for Portugal?

Frankly speaking, few opportunities came Georgia’s way. As time passed, Portuguese players also struggled to create real chances. 

Christiano Ronaldo, who is regarded as one of the best players in the history of football, was unable to create any real danger. What’s interesting, he wasn’t the only player who was struggling to outmaneuver Georgian players. Georgia vs Portugal once more highlighted the importance of teamwork. 

Ronaldo’s colleagues put real pressure on Georgian defenders. A lack of creativity was evident throughout the match. 

By beating Portugal, Georgia completed the biggest Euros upset in history. Mikautadze, Kvaratskhelia, Kochorashvili, and Other players turned their debut major tournament into a memorable night.

We simply can’t forget about Giorgi Mamardashvili. Valencia’s goalkeeper once again demonstrated his skills. According to many analysts, he is one of the best goalkeepers who play at Euro 2024. 

It is hard to forget Georgia’s match against the Czech Republic. Without Mamardashivili, Georgia would have concealed several goals. 

What’s next for the Georgian team after Georgia vs Portugal match? 

They will play Spain in the last 16, while Portugal take on Slovenia.

People unfamiliar with the Georgian team may ask, “Do they have a chance against Spain?” 

Simply put, they have nothing to lose. Several days ago, they were on the verge of losing the tournament. They can showcase their skills and determination against another European football powerhouse. Mikautadze, Kvaratskhelia and his teammates have the chance to prove that anything is possible in football.

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