Rise in Twitter outages since Musk takeover hints at more systemic problems

  • March 8, 2023
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Sixth failure this year comes against backdrop of financial and regulatory pressures on the company

On Monday Twitter broke for the sixth time this year. Clicking any link on the social network resulted in an error message, while attempting to post a new image resulted in nothing but a big blank box where the picture should have been.

Unlike the last four outages – three in February, and another already in March – the site wasn’t completely unavailable, giving Twitter users the opportunity to engage in their favourite activity: discussing the continued destruction of Twitter live on the site. (The sixth outage this year, in January, only affected Android users.) The trending topics on the site were promptly filled with various phrases relating to the outage, as users speculated that Elon Musk’s own demands had ultimately caused the failure.

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