Apple HomePod review: a Siri speaker with a bass problem

  • March 20, 2023
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Smart speaker can sound great depending on the room but is only for those all-in on Apple devices

Apple’s big, high-quality smart speaker is back for a surprise second generation. But five years since the first model was launched, a lot has changed in the world of voice-controlled home hi-fi. Can the HomePod still cut it?

The speaker costs £299 ($299/A$479), £20 less than the 2018 launch price of its predecessor but more than three times the price of Apple’s other Siri speaker, the £99 HomePod mini.

Dimensions: 142 x 168mm

Weight: 2.3kg

Connectivity: wifi 4 (n), Bluetooth 5.0, Thread, UWB, 4x mics

Controls: top capacitive touch buttons

Speakers: 4in woofer, five-tweeter array

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