Paul Foot: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

  • April 26, 2023
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The British comedian shares what makes him laugh online, which is mainly grandmas falling over (don’t worry, no nanas were hurt in the making of this list)

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They say that laughter is the best medicine. But in my opinion, the most powerful medicine is laughing at other people as they make complete fools of themselves (while being extremely concerned for their welfare and empathetic to their plight, naturally). That is why I love the internet. In the past, if you saw someone, say, fall down a flight of steps, you’d have to try to memorise it so you could enjoy it later. And if you couldn’t do that, you’d have to pay top dollar to watch a mime pretend to walk into a window. Nowadays, people’s mishaps are preserved digitally for all time, so we can watch them again and again. Here are the videos that never fail to fill my life with joy.

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