How to solve the crisis in modern masculinity, with Rylan Clark-Neal

  • May 11, 2023
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The singer turned presenter tackles what it means to be a man in his new BBC series. Plus: five of the best award-winning podcasts

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Hello! This week saw the release of a new BBC Sounds pod from The Missing Cryptoqueen’s Jamie Bartlett, Believe In Magic. Like his previous series, it’s an expertly-crafted story full of vivid characters and a central tale of deceit – in this case, not a cryptocurrency-related one, but rather the tale of a terminally ill young girl and the children’s charity that she founded with her mother. Websleuths became suspicious of Megan Bhari and her repeated pleas for money, but could the teenager really have been siphoning off charity money to go to Disney World? Unlike many scam-related podcasts that trade in shock value and schadenfreude, Believe In Magic treads carefully and sensitively – not least because of the nature of Megan’s charity, and what became of her and her mother, Jean.

Another gripping, though entirely different, podcast released this week was the final episode of the Guardian’s Cotton Capital series. If you’ve been listening, you’ll know that this has been a wide-ranging, brilliantly-researched podcast about both the Guardian and Britain’s links to the transatlantic slave trade. In the final episode, Maya Wolfe-Robinson – editor of the Cotton Capital project – considers the many people in the Caribbean calling for reparations, as well as looking at what the Guardian plans to do next.

Read on for more pod picks this week, plus five of the best award-winning shows for fans of all-killer, no-filler series.

Hannah J Davies
Deputy editor, newsletters

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