Fictional fanmail and fake famous ‘friends’ with Lolly Adefope

  • June 22, 2023
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The comedian answers made-up reader questions and meets showbiz stars in Lolly Adefope’s Fanmail. Plus: five of the best agony aunt podcasts

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It’s long been established that there’s a genuine psychological phenomenon which creates a sense of intimacy between listeners and podcast hosts. This makes it the ideal medium for an agony aunt show – after all, you already feel weirdly bonded to the host, so you’re more likely to take advice from them.

This week, we’re rounding up a selection of excellent podcasts that try to solve issues ranging from relationship difficulties, to friendship trouble, to how to share kitchen utensils. A more meta take on responding to listener queries also comes from Lolly Adefope’s starry new show in which she plays a fictional version of herself answering fan mail and meeting celeb pals. It’s joined by troubling true crime shows, powerful investigations of dubious legal practices, and Will Young singing his way through an homage to a Roman poet.

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