Google Pixel Fold review: the slick phone-tablet hybrid with killer camera

  • July 5, 2023
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Android maker’s first foldable has sleeker design, simpler software and top camera, but wallet-busting price

Google’s first folding phone-tablet hybrid is finally here to give Samsung’s leading Z Fold a run for its money, with different ideas of how such a cutting-edge device should work and a serious camera upgrade.

The Pixel Fold costs a colossal £1,749 ($1,799), which is £100 more than the already eye-wateringly expensive rival from Samsung, and more than twice the price of Google’s top regular phone, the £849 Pixel 7 Pro. That puts the Pixel Fold in the rarefied company of ultra-premium gadgets, best thought of as the Ferraris or Bentleys of the phone world.

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