Paris Hilton dances through the history of the world’s greatest nightclubs

  • July 13, 2023
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A new series produced by the world’s most famous party girl delves into the origins of iconic clubs from London to Lagos. Plus: five of the best travel podcasts

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You might struggle to believe this, but podcasts are now 20 years old. They may no longer be the new kid on the audio block, but it doesn’t seem that long since they took the world by storm. This, largely, is because most of us non-tech types will have missed out on the medium’s early days in the second half of 2003. Even the Guardian, who coined the term “podcast”, only got there in early 2004.

This week we recruited some experts to tell us about the greatest podcasts created in the last 20 years: the hosts of some of our favourite shows. With great recommendations from the likes of Elizabeth Day, Deborah Frances-White, Steven Bartlett, Alice Levine and Ira Glass, it’s a great primer to the finest listens you can ever treat yourself to. What’s more, if you’d like to have your say on the shows you think we should have included, you can let us know here, and we’ll publish the best ones shortly.

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