Yes, AI could profoundly disrupt education. But maybe that’s not a bad thing | Rose Luckin

  • July 14, 2023
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Humans need to excel at things AI can’t do – and that means more creativity and critical thinking and less memorisation

Education strikes at the heart of what makes us human. It drives the intellectual capacity and prosperity of nations. It has developed the minds that took us to the moon and eradicated previously incurable diseases. And the special status of education is why generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are likely to profoundly disrupt this sector. This isn’t a reflection of their intelligence, but of our failure to build education systems that nurture and value our unique human intelligence.

We are being duped into believing these AI tools are far more intelligent than they really are. A tool like ChatGPT has no understanding or knowledge. It merely collates bits of words together based on statistical probabilities to produce useful texts. It is an incredibly helpful assistant.

Rose Luckin is professor of learner-centred design at the UCL Knowledge Lab in London

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