AI prompt engineering: learn how not to ask a chatbot a silly question

  • July 29, 2023
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Understanding how to interact with ChatGPT and its rivals so that their output matches your expectations will soon be a key office skill. Here’s what you need to know

After all the initial excitement over ChatGPT, the language-processing tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI), the use of chatbots is becoming more commonplace. So how do you train your AI for work and home? We answer a few simple questions.

What is prompt engineering?
It’s a technique for effectively communicating with generative AI models. Systems such as ChatGPT, Bard and Dall-E will produce text, images and snippets of music when fed an input – called a prompt – that instructs them what to generate. But the phrasing of a prompt can drastically alter the returned output. Prompt engineering is the process of formulating a prompt for an AI system so that it produces an output that closely matches your expectations.

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