The animal activist who went on trial for his ‘special bond’ with a dolphin

  • September 21, 2023
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Hear the gripping, tragic yet funny story of Alan Cooper and his dolphin friend in Hooked on Freddie. Plus: five of the best podcasts rewriting history

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What would you say if I asked you when a podcast last changed your life? “Christ knows”? “Never”? “Please stop asking stupid questions”? If so, some of this week’s new shows might do you some good.

First, The Happiness Lab – a podcast by Laurie Santos, the psychology professor behind Yale’s courses in how to feel contented – launched a new series collaborating with Sesame Street. The expert advice on how to become closer to those around you by being more grateful is such a galvanising message that there’s no way it applies only to children, despite the involvement of furry puppets. We defy you to listen and not end up blurting out some statement of love to your cherished ones.

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