Is AI more creative than the human brain? I doubt it – and I definitely want humans to stay in charge | Stefan Stern

  • October 22, 2023
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Businesses keep trying to prove AI’s superior creativity, but haven’t proved it can compete with human inspiration

Prove you’re not a robot. It’s (fairly) easy if you try. You could scroll down or click the little x in the corner of the screen to get rid of me. If you are reading the print edition you could just turn the page.

One of the indignities of the digital age is being asked, constantly, to confirm we are who we say we are, that we are indeed a human being. Something feels slightly amiss when the (non-human) technology demands that we convince it that we are not the same as them. Big (and sometimes overexcited) claims are being made for artificial intelligence, the most recent being the claim from Wharton business school in Philadelphia that ChatGPT is more creative than human beings (well, more creative than MBA students, anyway).

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