An AI smoothie shop opened in San Francisco with much hype. Why is it closed already?

  • October 31, 2023
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BetterBlends promised to invest in the city’s beleaguered downtown but closed its doors in under two months

In September, a “bespoke AI nutrition” store opened in beleaguered downtown San Francisco to much fanfare, promising smoothie concoctions generated by AI and a much-needed boost to the area. Less than two months later, it has seemingly closed without explanation.

BetterBlends advertised “Your Smoothie, powered by AI” and received positive press upon its opening, ginning up excitement for a new business and a novel use of artificial intelligence. Its AI model would take customer orders and preferences to generate a smoothie recipe that would then be blended by hand by co-founders Michael Parlato and Clayton Reynolds, who worked in the shop.

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