Philippa Gregory celebrates everyday women who changed the world

  • November 2, 2023
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From Greenham Common protestors to Spitfire pilots, the author celebrates history’s unsung female heroes in Normal Women. Plus: five podcasts that actually solved crimes

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It’s not exactly news that politicians are turning to podcasts for a post-Westminster career, but the rate only seems to be getting faster. In the last few weeks, we’ve had Ed Balls and George Osborne launch an insider insight show that’s not averse to dropping the odd scoop, Peter Mandelson has teamed up with the Murdochs and The Times for an election-based podcast, and there is also the extremely sexy-sounding The Geopolitics of Business from ex-Tory MP Sam Gyimah.

We’re previewing the last of the aforementioned this week, alongside a podcast from author Philippa Gregory, who deftly spotlights the incredible women that have shaped society. There’s an examination of the mysterious 2010 case of the GCHQ codebreaker who was found dead inside a holdall in his own bathtub, an award-winning podcast tackling the cocaine industry and a rundown of another podcasting trend almost as prevalent as ex-MPs taking over your earphones: five shows that actually solved crimes.

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