Experience: I invented the lickable TV

  • November 17, 2023
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My creation was well received – the BBC described it as ‘netlicks’

During the pandemic, Tokyo’s bustling Meiji University campus stood still. My students were confined to their homes, appearing only as small figures on my screen during Zoom lectures on human-computer interaction. I spent the days in my lab, looking for ways to pass the time.

On a particularly bland day in 2020, I was reminiscing about how, before the pandemic, Tokyo used to be packed with people who had flown across the world to enjoy the exciting food scene. But now restaurants were empty and people longed for foods they once relished. I missed drinking wine in a bar, watching others enjoying their evenings. I wondered how I could contribute during these trying times. That’s when inspiration struck: why not create a device to bring the flavours of the world into people’s homes?

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