AI is changing the world – and I’ve just eaten the underwhelming pasta that proves it | Zing Tsjeng

  • November 21, 2023
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While the great and the good worry about the dangers of artificial intelligence, my friends are embracing it to pad out their emails and cut corners in the kitchen

It’s been a drama-filled week for OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. Its wunderkind CEO Sam Altman has been unceremoniously booted out by its board and more than 600 staff members are now threatening to quit unless he’s allowed back in. (Don’t be too sad for Altman – the 38-year-old has already been snapped up by Microsoft for an undisclosed sum.)

As a writer, I am of course duty-bound to swear on my copy of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists that I did not use OpenAI’s chatbot to write this column – or did I? Even if I did, why would I fess up to it? Thanks to disastrously unpopular attempts by the likes of BuzzFeed to create AI-assisted content, its name is mud in the media industry. Saying you use ChatGPT is like admitting you thought the T-1000 was just misunderstood or that Skynet had a point.

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