Kaspa (KAS) Value Up Only 17% Despite Bull Run, Traders Jump To Mollars ICO

  • May 23, 2024
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The Kaspa token has not seen the same bullish success as many cryptocurrencies this week from the Ethereum spot ETF approval rumors. On the week it’s value has increased by only 14.8% and 16.3% on the month. This stagger in value is causing many investors to sell and move, many following a continuing trend of migrating funds to the Mollars (MOLLARS) ICO.

What is Kaspa blockchain?

Kaspa (KAS) token is the native cryptocurrency of a new blockchain platform. It has a value of $0.13 [cents] today. This is $0.04-cents under its all-time high, reached on February 22nd.

The reason the Kaspa blockchain platform is unique is its ability to resolve the creation of multiple ‘blocks’ on its chain at the same time. This unique process is known as Block Directed Acyclic Graph aka BlockDag.

Many blockchains can not create multiple blocks at the same time, instead they select 1 to create and discard all others. This is known as ‘orphaning blocks,’ a discarding & declining of data.

Kaspa’s offering a solution to this issue, making it a more scalable solution than most. This includes being more scalable than the chain it’s inspired by — Bitcoin-blockchain.

As other blockchains however, Kaspa needs 2 things; miners and adoption. Brand value needs to be created and various brands need to begin using the faster, more reliable blockchain to complete crypto transactions for its ecosystem to work.

What is Kaspa (KAS) token used for?

The $KAS token itself is a derivative of the Kaspa blockchain. Blocks are generated on the computers of independent miners and as those blocks are created, so are KAS tokens.

These tokens are both used to pay the block miners and allow traders to invest and gain from the growth of the Proof-of-work x blockDAG blockchain.

Thus far unfortunately, the token’s growth has been stunted. While memecoins like Pepe and Shiba Inu saw growth of their values by +50% and +115% in the past month, Kaspa (KAS) is far behind. The KAS token only rose in value +15%.

A positive nonetheless, the +15% does signal that the token’s struggling to reach a bigger audience and investors are moving away. The +15% is the best case scenario but holders trading at a more rapid rate or who simply want bigger ROI yields appear to have begun moving funds to other directions.

Kaspa (KAS) Traders Moving Funds To Mollars Token Presale

In a data analysis of the Mollars ICO, it appears Kaspa (KAS) token holders have become one of the top 10 most heavily vested in the project.

As the Initial Coin Offering saw a huge surge in presales, paralleling the crypto market’s current bull run, Kaspa token migrants now make up over US$60,000 of the ICO’s funding pool.

Priced at $0.55 [cents] per token today, this means Kaspa’s migrating holders own over 109,000 $MOLLARS before its CEX/DEX listing day, June 2nd.

The migration is not much of a surprise as crypto traders are constantly moving funds. Both Shiba Inu (SHIB), Pepe (PEPE), Tether (USDT) and Bonk Inu (BONK) whales have also been reported for moving into the Mollars token presale in heavy numbers.

Mollars ICO Roaring With A Worth $1.36-Million-Dollars

The results of this migration is Mollars ICO has generated an astounding $1.39-million-dollars in funds to further development and generate branding value aka demand. Over 2.937-million tokens have been presold, all of which will be claimed and show up on exchange’s ‘top lists’ come June 2nd.

A potential powerhouse, the Mollars token appears to be generating a unique dynamic of ‘super brand value,’ before its release. Google trends even reports it as ‘half as popular’ as Pepe (PEPE) token and nearly just as popular as Bonk inu (BONK).

Why are Investors buying Mollars cryptocurrency early?

In comparison, those two tokens have over $3-billion-dollars in market cap and Mollars brand is already competing. This stat alone is the reason many investors likely see a ‘sky high’ potential for the new store-of-value token.

Though this factor also leads to a conclusion of ‘profits’ theoretically, there’s also the fact that if the Mollars token reaches its hard cap the listing day price on exchanges is now known. A price of $0.62 (cents) has been published in various reports giving traders valuable information on immediate positive gains within less than 2 weeks.

The 62-cent price is $0.07-cents greater than its current price; a +27% gain on every dollar invested. This means a sell-out of the ICO allocated tokens would generate today’s investors $1270 per $1000 invested. That’s a $270 take-home profit in a few days.

With 3 exchanges already confirmed to list the Mollars (MOLLARS) token, its’ debut is certain as well. Bitmart, LBank, and XT.com have all announced their exchanges are places traders will be able to acquire or sell the token.

What educated traders see in Mollars token

Beyond ROI yields, educated traders are also stoked on the whitepaper of Mollars and it’s actual utility. A ‘store of value’ token, it’s designed to mimic Bitcoin (BTC), allowing traders to retain value of their money in these times of global economic crisis. As the world suffers from rising costs of living, fiat currency is becoming less valuable since no one is earning more. However, Mollars token is designed to go up in value against declining fiat currency.

In layman’s terms, as more people invest in Mollars, the token’s value should increase.

A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

With a total token supply of only 10-million tokens, Mollars has under half that of Bitcoin. After the 10-millionth token is minted, no more will be created.

In this ICO, 40% of that total supply is being sold to investors at a discount. The funds generated will create the liquidity pool, branding value, and token infrastructure itself; professionals are hired to create security and great product.

Mollars.cc will be the only product generated by the team itself. It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that will use bits of $MOLLARS tokens to complete transactions and increase scarcity. The amount of tokens it uses will be paralleling the DEX’s activity.

The Best Blockchain possible for fast growth

The underlying blockchain of Mollars or Layer-1 tech is the Ethereum-Blockchain. Mollars chose this block because it houses over 250-million cryptocurrency wallets and has far less fees than Bitcoin-blockchain, while still being faster. This adds dependability to the overall project, as Ethereum-blockchain is set to be the most stable and trustworthy crypto blockchain of the entire industry.

Mollars will be the first store-of-value token of its type on the ERC-20 networks and has various purposes that cannot be judged by prior market statistics. The predictions of value thus far of 20x to 44x could also be a gross understatement if the ‘search volume’ and branding value of it during this ICO stage are accurate omens to its future.

Mollars is a formidable rival to Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum Blockchain’s 250-million linked wallets and a rational solution to BTC block’s out of control transaction fees. All of these reasons are why crypto traders, including Kaspa (KAS) holders, are now moving their funds to the Mollars ICO.

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