London mayor urges foreign leaders to condemn Trump as racist, sexist, homophobic

  • May 19, 2024
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan branded former President Trump a racist, a sexist and a homophobe as he urged his own Labour Party to do more to ‘call him out.’

Ahead of the presidential election in November, the U.K.’s Labour Party appears to be working to strengthen its relationship with Republicans should Trump take back the White House. However, Khan, a fierce Trump critic, insists the party ‘shouldn’t be literally rolling out a red carpet for a state visit.’

Khan’s remarks on the former president came after foreign affairs chief David Lammy appeared to extend an olive branch earlier this month while insisting Trump is ‘often misunderstood’ when it comes to policy and ‘wants Europeans to do more to ensure a better defended Europe.’

Rejecting Lammy’s position, Khan told Politico, ‘I’m quite clear, I understand, on Trump. He’s a racist. He’s a sexist. He’s a homophobe. And it’s very important, particularly when you’ve got a special relationship, that you treat them as a best mate.

‘If my best mate was a racist, or a sexist or a homophobe, I’d call him out, and I’d explain to him why those views are wrong,’ the London mayor added.

Khan, who was recently re-elected to a third term leading Great Britain’s most populous city, told the outlet he worries ‘about a Donald Trump presidency.’

‘You know, I’ve been speaking to governors from America. I’ve been speaking to mayors from America. Of course, we’ll have a relationship, whoever the president is. But we shouldn’t be literally rolling out a red carpet for a state visit,’ he said. 

‘It’s really important that we, of course, have good relations with Democrats and Republicans. But I lost count of the amount of Republicans I’ve spoken to who are also worried about a Trump presidency.’

Khan and Trump have a history of feuding and not seeing eye to eye on a number of topics, including immigration.

In 2019, prior to his arrival in London for a state visit, Trump referred to Khan as a ‘stone cold loser’ who is ‘very dumb.’

Responding to those comments in his interview with Politico, Khan said: ‘I’ve got more latitude as a mayor to just to say what I feel about Trump, and I make this point. He called me a ‘stone cold loser.’ I’ve won three. How many has he won?’

Khan’s remarks come as the Labour Party is expected to return to power after 14 years in a U.K. general election that will take place in the coming months.

Lammy, who has criticized Trump in the past as a ‘neo-Nazi-sympathizing sociopath,’ recently traveled to Washington, D.C., where he met with a number of Democrats and several Trump allies, including Ohio GOP Sen. JD Vance and South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham.

‘Were his words in office shocking? Yes, they were,’ Lammy told Politico of the former president. ‘Would we have used them? No. But U.S. spending on European defense actually grew under President Trump, as did the defense spending of the wider alliance during his tenure.’

Lammy also argued Trump helped matters by pushing European nations to increase their own defense spending.

‘When he began his campaign, only four countries were spending their 2% of GDP. The number was 10 by the time he left office. And it is 18 today.’ Lammy added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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