MAGA (TRUMP) Token Rebounds 6.43% After 16% Plunge

  • May 31, 2024
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MAGA (TRUMP) Token Rebounds 6.43% After 16% Plunge

Quick Look

TRUMP Token’s Resilience: Despite a 16% drop post-Trump’s conviction, the TRUMP token rebounded, trading at $14.81, showcasing its volatility and support.
Market Impact: Trump’s claims of trial rigging led to an initial market decline but eventual recovery, reflecting speculative investor behaviour.
Comparative Performance: Biden-linked BODEN saw a brief rally post-conviction but fell back, illustrating different influences on politically-themed memecoins.

The largest memecoin associated with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, MAGA (TRUMP), has demonstrated remarkable resilience. Following Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records, the token initially dropped 16%, reflecting the market’s immediate reaction to the political upheaval. The charges stem from allegations that Trump concealed a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Despite the legal turbulence, Trump remains steadfast in his claims of innocence, describing the trial outcome as a “disgrace.”

Market Reaction and Recovery

Trump’s vehement condemnation of the trial, which he has labelled as rigged and influenced by a corrupt judge, set the stage for a volatile market response. He accused the Biden administration of orchestrating the trial to weaken him as a political rival, asserting that “the real trial is going to be November 5 by the people.” This fierce rhetoric coincided with a sharp decline in the market cap of the TRUMP token. Within a mere 20 minutes of the news breaking, TRUMP’s value plummeted by over $130 million, dropping from $14.88 to $11.31.

However, the memecoin displayed an impressive bounce-back, a testament to its underlying support among Trump’s base and the speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market. TRUMP is trading at $14.81 at the time of writing, reflecting a 6.43% increase on the day. This recovery underscores the token’s volatility and the dynamic interplay between political events and market sentiment.

Comparative Performance and Future Outlook

In contrast to TRUMP, the Biden-linked memecoin, Jeo Boden (BODEN), experienced a short-lived rally of 6.4% following Trump’s conviction. However, this upward movement was not sustained, and BODEN’s price fell back to $0.283, below its pre-conviction level. This divergent performance between the two politically-themed memecoins highlights the unique factors influencing each asset, including the sentiments and expectations of their respective supporter bases.

Despite the ongoing legal challenges, blockchain prediction market Polymarket continues to show Trump with a 54% chance of winning the upcoming presidential election. In comparison, Joe Biden has a 40% chance. This prediction reflects the enduring support for Trump among certain segments of the electorate. Consequently, this support impacts the performance of the TRUMP token.

Looking ahead, Trump’s case will proceed to sentencing, with Judge Juan Merchan overseeing the process. Sentencing memorandums will be submitted, allowing both sides to argue for their desired outcomes. U.S. attorney John Deaton has cautioned that the verdict could further exacerbate national divisions, hinting at the broader societal implications of the case.

Technical Analysis and Future Predictions

The market dynamics surrounding politically-linked memecoins like TRUMP and BODEN offer a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of politics and finance. The technical analysis of TRUMP indicates that the token may face continued volatility as the legal proceedings unfold. Meanwhile, other tokens, such as BONK, are experiencing their own technical challenges. BONK’s price currently ranges within an ascending triangle and has faced rejection at the upper resistance zone. The MACD indicator is close to triggering a ‘sell’ signal, suggesting a potential bearish crossover.

BONK’s price could initially dip below $0.00003 if the bearish trend continues. If bulls fail to assert control, further declines are possible. Conversely, a strong bullish rebound could push BONK’s price back to $0.000045. Additionally, a potential breakout is anticipated in early July 2024. These technical movements highlight the cryptocurrency market’s broader volatility and speculative nature, particularly for memecoins tied to high-profile political figures.

The rebound of the TRUMP token following its initial post-conviction plunge exemplifies the complex relationship between political developments and cryptocurrency markets. As the case progresses towards sentencing, the performance of politically-themed tokens like TRUMP and BODEN will continue to offer insights into the sentiments of their supporters. Additionally, these tokens will reflect the broader market dynamics at play.

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