Shiba Inu (SHIB) Token Holder Swaps $23000 Into Mollars ICO — DCA’ing, King Shrimp Passed Whales

  • May 15, 2024
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A crypto shrimp, perhaps better called the King shrimp, who was earlier tracked by Crypto.News has upped the holdings of his Mollars token presale ‘bag.’   Buying frequently or dollar cost averaging into the presale,  the traders frequent buys have made them what’s believed to be the biggest holder of Ethereum blockchain’s coming store-of-value token.

The buyer’s wallet transaction address is public [see here] and was last active 11 days ago.

Investor has a successful track record with Memecoins

The trader appears to be savvy in memecoin ICO investing as they have transactions with Shiba Inu (SHIB), Volt Inu (VOLT), and Robo Inu (ROBO).  The regular purchases of Mollars tops all other investments this year, but this holder is believed to be a major holder of Shiba Inu tokens.    Possibly a holder from the SHIB token’s golden era.

Investments in the Mollars token presale would not have caught the eye of anyone watching the presale’s transaction addresses.   The biggest single purchase by this ‘King Shrimp’ was for 1.06 ETH, which is far from the biggest single buy from an investor.  However,  when making 12 purchases of such a magnitude,  the numbers add up quickly.

DCA: Made 12 Mollars Token Presale Purchases

The total value of the 12 purchases, in Ethereum coin, is 7.974272038 ETH.  The purchase has a value of roughly $23080.73 at the time of writing this article.

The amount of Mollars tokens purchased with this $23K investment is estimated to be around 57,700.  Investments are believed to be made between 1st and 3rd round of the ICO, averaging around $0.40 [cents] per token.

Mollars token is already slated to be listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges on or around June 1st — Bitmart and LBank.  If the Initial Coin Offering reaches its max hard cap, the listing day price of the token will be $0.62 [cents] per token.

How Listing Day Could Yield Investor $12.6k Profit

The listing day of 62-cents means this ‘King Shrimp’ will see their investment rise in value from $23,080.70 to $35,775.09 on June 2nd,  if hard cap’s met.

The value of the token is projected to continue to rise from there however, with some token predictions suggesting the $MOLLARS token could reach ~$15 [dollars] before the year’s end; higher possible if popularity continues growing at a similar pace as today, after listing day.

The “King Shrimp” appears to have made a valuable decision with a $12695 profit close to materializing.

The hard cap of the Mollars ICO is 4-million tokens.  The total token supply of the cryptocurrency, ever to be minted, is 10-million tokens.   Just 40% of the total token supply for the cryptocurrency was designated for the presale, from which much will be used to fund the project’s development and critical growth in branding value.

Investor Choosing SHIB Signals Higher Expectations For Mollars

The “King Shrimp” appears to be migrating a sizable amount of his funds from Shiba Inu to Mollars.  This is  possibly a signal that the veteran investor believes the $MOLLARS token will see a substantially higher growth than $SHIB in 2024.

Mollars token presale has raised $1.31-million-dollars in funding thus far.   This holder with $23,000 is believed to be the biggest holder of the new store-of-value token pre-listing.

For the year, Shiba Inu token has yielded investors a +168% gain but most holders are still under water [losing] in 2024.

The last months’ gains were only +6.6%, which  is less than the expected listing day yields for Mollars.   Migratory traders see the writing on the wall for the new store-of-value token, set to rival Bitcoin;  It’s likely going to produce far more gains than Shiba Inu (SHIB) any time soon.

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