Silver Surges To $31.6/Ounce, Investor Interest Peaks

  • May 28, 2024
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Silver Surges To $31.6/Ounce, Investor Interest Peaks

Quick Look:

Silver’s Recent Performance: Silver has surged past $31 per ounce, trading at $31.6, due to increased investor interest and supply challenges.
Investment Appeal: Experts highlight the metal’s strong correlation with gold and the potential to outperform due to the Federal Reserve’s easing policies.
Industrial Demand: Silver’s extensive use in automobiles, solar panels, and electronics strengthens its market position amid a structural deficit.

When discussing precious metals, gold often steals the spotlight. However, its “poorer cousin,” silver, has been making significant strides, proving itself as a valuable investment. While the precious metal traditionally plays second fiddle to gold, it positively correlates with gold prices, albeit often with a lag. Let’s delve into why silver is catching the eye of investors and its promising future.

Silver’s Rising Appeal

Silver has recently shown remarkable performance, rallying past $31 per ounce to over a decade high amid surging investor interest and supply challenges. As of now, it is trading at $31.6 per ounce. According to Nikos Kavalis, managing director at Metals Focus, silver has managed to catch up significantly with gold. He highlights that as the market becomes more confident in gold’s bullish trend, many investors are turning their attention to the precious metal. Kavalis noted, “Silver has been arguably even more interesting – finally it managed to enjoy some decent catch up with gold.”

Silver’s potential to benefit from higher gold prices is substantial. Joni Teves, another expert in the field, concurs, stating, “We think [silver is] actually the best placed precious metal to really benefit from higher gold prices. There’s a very strong correlation there.” Teves further added that with the Federal Reserve easing its policies, silver is in a favourable position to outperform gold, especially given the tight supply and demand fundamentals.

The Industrial Demand Factor

One of silver’s distinguishing features is its extensive industrial use. It is an essential component in the manufacturing of automobiles, solar panels, jewellery, and electronics. This industrial demand adds another strength layer to the metal’s market position. Daniel Hynes, senior commodity strategist at ANZ, pointed out, “Slower mine production growth and strong industrial demand suggest supply is lagging demand, which will keep the market in a structural deficit.”

This structural deficit is crucial for investors to consider. The tight supply against robust industrial demand creates a scenario where metal prices are likely to continue their upward trajectory. As industries grow and the need for silver in various applications increases, the supply-demand imbalance could increase prices.

Technical Outlook: Silver’s Future Prospects

From a technical standpoint, silver appears poised for further gains. The metal is following through on a long-term bull flag setup. The declining parallel trend channel that comprises this flag began after a significant rise of 18.22 points or 156.5% from the March 2020 lows. Upon rallying to a new trend high, silver will first target the 127.2% extended retracement of the recent short pullback at $33.17. This price level is followed by a Fibonacci confluence zone with multiple targets from $33.78 to $34.06. Should the top of this range at $34.06 be exceeded, the next target stands at $34.60.

These technical indicators suggest that whether or not a new challenge to trend highs begins today, silver is well-positioned to trend higher over the coming months, if not longer. The confluence of strong industrial demand, tight supply, and favourable market conditions sets the stage for the metal to shine brightly alongside its more famous counterpart, gold.

While gold often grabs headlines, silver demonstrates its potential as a robust investment. With positive correlations to gold, significant industrial demand, and promising technical setups, the precious metal is not just playing second fiddle but is an orchestra of opportunity on its own. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios should consider the growing allure of silver as it continues to carve out its niche in the precious metals market.

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