Trending New Solana GameFi Token Mega Dice Smashes $1M Raise in Crypto Presale

  • May 15, 2024
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Trending new Solana GameFi token Mega Dice ($DICE) has smashed through the $1 million milestone in its ongoing presale.

On sale at an initial price of $0.069, the $DICE presale price has today risen to $0.075, representing an 8.6% hike.

Moving quickly now will secure buyers the lowest possible entry point for this much-talked-about presale. This significantly improves their chances of capturing a potential 100x return on investment or more. $DICE presale is targeting a soft cap minimum raise of $5 million.

The team looks to the success of Rollbit ($RLB) as a baseline. Given its superior feature set, $DICE buyers are confident that Rollbit’s 7,700% return to date for its early investors is more than achievable.

$DICE is a fair presale. None of the 420 million tokens up for grabs are allocated to the team.

As the native token of the Mega Dice platform, $DICE has valuable utility, which leaves the likes of competitors Rollbit wilting in the shade.

$DICE presale has raised $1 MILLION!

This #MillionDollarMilestone brings us closer to revolutionizing GameFi. What’s coming next?

Next tier price: 0.075

Next presale target: $2M

We’re implementing multiple tiered price increases, so make sure to secure your $

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) May 15, 2024

$DICE is now fully integrated into the Mega Dice casino

The team has announced that from today $DICE investors will be able to use the token on casino.

Mega Dice offers an industry-leading rakeback bonus for $DICE players, matching the highest competitor VIP bonuses for all $DICE investors.

Recharge mid-week with double deposit bonuses!

Join our reload missions
Opt-in for 1st Reload Bonus
Meet the minimum deposit
Enjoy 2 bonuses!

Different bonuses for different loyalty levels

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) May 15, 2024

Rollbit has a market capitalization in excess of $200 million – Mega Dice is setting its sights much higher.

In addition to being able to use $DICE to wager in the casino, $DICE is the only GameFi coin that distributes a share of profits to its users on a daily basis through its novel staking system.

Wagering with $DICE also unlocks access to weekly cashbacks as well as upcoming futures trading on the Mega Dice platform.

Integration of the $DICE token into the Mega Dice platform has now been completed.

Supported by literally dozens of KOL influencers and now having stacked up 9,000-plus members on Telegram, $DICE is on a roll.

Rollup for the $DICE 2.25 million airdrop – Season 2 starts now

The news of the $1 million milestone achievement follows the completion of its season 1 airdrop which saw $750,000 paid out to eligible token holders. The season 2 airdrop is now open for a further distribution of $750,000.

Players who wager a minimum of $5,000 in a 21-day period will be eligible for the airdrops and retroactive rewards.

There will be three airdrops in total.

The early success of gaming tokens such as Rollbit Coin ($RLB), which now has a market valuation of more than $200 million, has undoubtedly helped garner interest in the presale.

But Mega Dice is bettering Rollbit in that it has its own story to tell as a successful business prior to the unveiling of its native token.

With price stability and growth in mind, the team plans to execute strategic buybacks. A portion of the casino profits fund the buybacks, contributing to price stability and appreciation.

Alongside the buybacks, there is also a regular-schedule burn mechanism to reduce the total token supply, thereby increasing the token’s scarcity and, therefore, value.

The capped supply of the $DICE token guards against inflation, so token owners have an extra layer of security underpinning the value of their investment.

Mega Dice is an established business with 50,000 players, plus growing revenue and profits

As an established and profitable business the $DICE presale is in the enviable position of being able to show its potential contributors the color of its money.

According to the team, monthly wagering runs at $50 million, with the platform currently attracting around 10,000 monthly active users.

Mega Dice already has 50,000 players of its 4,000 games in addition to a sportsbook with 50 sports and esports clocking up thousands of events with top industry betting markets.

The sportsbook also comes with the ability to livestream many of the most popular events.

Tying all of this together, the gamification layer on Mega Dice positions $DICE as the value proposition driver of its loyalty program. Native token users get more generous rewards than other players and have the chance to win lifestyle prizes and experiences.

Token holders get access to early bird bonuses, limited editions NFTs, and referral program. The already generous offering just got more generous now that $DICE is integrated into the casino ecosystem for exclusive access, rewards and benefits.

Specifically, the refer-a-friend and program participants receive a generous 10% share of their friends’ investment. If a referral buys $1,0000 worth of $DICE the referrer automatically receives $100 in their wallet.

Mega Dice ($DICE) innovation builds a platform for success

Mega Dice was among the first regulated casinos to open on the popular Telegram platform.

You can now use your $DICE directly on and on Telegram!

Find out more what you get access to when wagering with $DICE below:

Join the leading GameFi token on #Solana today

— Mega Dice Casino (@megadice) May 14, 2024

The completion of $DICE’s full integration with the Mega Dice ecosystem makes possible even more customer engagement, by pushing the bounds of gamification possibilities. With growing engagement baked in, revenue growth can surge.

Leveraging the openness and agility inherent in decentralized networks, $DICE will become the No.1 GameFi on Solana.

Keep in touch with Mega Dice token ($DICE) news and developments on X/Twitter and Telegram.

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