VOOI Unveils ICO on ETH: A Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

  • May 14, 2024
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VOOI DeFi Unveils ICO on Ethereum: A Cross-Chain Perpetual DEX Aggregator


At a Glance: 

Cross-Chain Support: VOOI DeFi functions as a cross-chain DEX aggregator, enhancing accessibility and security across EVM and non-EVM chains.
Innovative Features: Includes simplified DeFi access, gasless trading options, and continuous technological integration.
Strategic Phases: The team divided rollout into three phases focusing on unified trading terminals, intent-based features, and automation tools.
ICO Progress: Currently undergoing an ICO, with VOOI tokens designed as ERC20 utility tokens aimed at facilitating platform interactions.
Future Prospects: Positioned for significant impact on DeFi trading with plans for expansive network support and advanced trading functionalities.

In the evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation remains the cornerstone that attracts both developers and investors alike. One such beacon of innovation is VOOI DeFi, a project that promises to streamline and safeguard trading activities across various blockchain networks. Let’s delve into the heart of VOOI, its current token sale, unique features, and ambitious roadmap, encapsulating why it’s poised to be a pivotal player in the DeFi space.

What is VOOI DeFi?

VOOI DeFi stands out as a cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator that supports both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM chains. Its core mission is to refine the DeFi ecosystem by simplifying and securing trading activities for its users. This platform aims to demystify the often complex DeFi trading environment, making it more accessible and navigable for all participants, thereby enhancing their overall security.

VOOI Token Launch: Initial Coin Offering in Progress on Ethereum

Currently, VOOI is actively engaged in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). However, the team has not announced the specifics of the token sale period yet. The VOOI tokens are of the ERC20 type, serving as utility tokens within the platform. Besides, it has ambitiously set the fundraising goal in Ethereum (ETH). Consequently, the utility of these tokens includes facilitating transactions and interactions within the VOOI ecosystem. This functionality embeds intrinsic value into their utility.

The Pillars of VOOI’s Functionality

VOOI isn’t just another DEX aggregator. It boasts distinguishing  several key features:

Simplified Access to DeFi Trading: VOOI makes entering the DeFi trading space as straightforward as possible.
Enhanced Interoperability Across Networks: The company designed its framework to ensure seamless functionality across multiple blockchain networks.
Continuous Innovation: The platform aims to integrate the latest technologies to stay at the cutting edge of DeFi.
Intent-Based Operations: Users can set trading intents, which VOOI uses to automate and optimise trading decisions.
Gasless Trading: Reducing the barrier of high transaction fees, VOOI introduces mechanisms to allow gasless trading, which is a significant boon for frequent traders.

Clear and targeted goals support VOOI’s mission to create a more accessible and secure DeFi environment. These include simplifying access to DeFi trading, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability across various chains, and the continuous adoption of new technologies to refine trading strategies.

Phased Launch Strategy of VOOI: Trading Enhancements Detailed

VOOI’s launch strategy is structured into three distinct phases, each focusing on a different aspect of the platform’s capabilities:

Phase 1: Unified Trading Terminal—Within the first three months, VOOI aims to launch its trading terminal on networks like Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Polygon, followed by expansions to BNB Chain and Manta, and later supporting GMX on Avalanche and Arbitrum.
Phase 2: Intent-Based and Gasless Functionality—This phase will see the implementation of the previously mentioned intent-based and gasless trading features.
Phase 3: Automation Toolset and Smart Order Routing—The final phase will introduce tools for automated trading and smart order routing, designed to optimize trading efficiency.

The Company’s Trading Terminal: Low Fees on Multiple DEXs

The VOOI Unified Trading Terminal is a comprehensive interface that allows users to trade across multiple DEXs seamlessly. It supports a variety of networks including Arbitrum, Optimism, and others. With nominal fees of 0.02% for taker orders and 0.05% for maker orders, it ensures that the costs of trading remain low while efficiency stays high.

VOOI’s Progress: From Private Beta to Public Rollout Plans

VOOI is currently in private beta on the Mainnet, with public availability and additional features set to roll out according to the roadmap detailed above. Moreover, this project represents a significant leap forward in simplifying and securing DeFi trading. It boasts innovative features and strategic launch phases. As a result, it is equipped to meet the current demands of the DeFi community. Besides, it is prepared to anticipate and adapt to future needs. As the ICO progresses, the crypto community watches with bated breath. They are eager to see how VOOI will reshape the landscape of decentralized trading.

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